780 Ltr
Procon Pallet Bin

Product Code: QP780

The Procon QP780 pallet bin is an excellent "all-round" bin for a huge variety of industries. Rotomoulding means extra durability that can handle the knocks and bumps of any busy industrial setting. Chicken processing, pet food and medical waste transfer are a few industries where the Procon QP780 bins have proven to be very popular.








Code: QP780

Length: 1170mm

Width: 1170mm

Height: 780mm

Available in a large range of colours, all fully food contact compliant. Optional galvanized or stainless steel rotator plates are available to allow rotation using rotating forklift head.

Rotationally moulded using industrial quality, UV Stabilised BPA free polymer for excellent performance both indoors and outdoors.

Procon Pallet Bin QP780 Benefits

  • Stronger, long-lasting rotomoulded bin
  • Suitable for most standard bin tippers
  • Manufactured using foodgrade polyethylene

Available options

  • Embossing/Stamping
  • Galvanised Rotator Plates
  • Drain Bung
  • Range of colours

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Orion tackled the project willingly, and worked closely with Inghams in developing a pallet bin that would meet our required parameters. All bins are serial numbered with permanent graphics, for identification and tracking of contents. The bins were delivered in due time, and put into service during mid-2002. Nine years later, the original pallet bins are still in use on the same routine. In terms of standing up to the treatment they are given, and we would regard it as a high-demand environment, then the bins are 100%. After nine years they show wear and tear and damage from operator errors, but even so the bins are easy to clean and maintain to the required hygiene standards."

J.H., Feed Mill Manager, Tasmania

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