Orion Australia Pty Ltd supplies a complete range of calfaterias which have been thoroughly tested by Australian farmers.  They have been  proven to efficiently feed calves from the first day through to weaning, and have become a  must for every serious calf rearer.

  • Available with screw-on poly teats or peach teats.
  • Generous teat spacing allows calves room to feed.
  • UV stabilised poly for long outdoor use.
  • 2.5 litres each division (excluding PCMM13)
  • Teat cap easily unscrews to wash out feeder.
  • Adjustable galvanised hanging brackets to suit rail spacing.
  • Pull through teats only supplied with PCMM13

1 Teat Calf Feeder, Screw Caps - 5 Ltr

  • Code PCMM1C
  • Length 195mm
  • Width 190mm
  • Height 310mm

5 Teat Calf Feeder, Screw Caps - 30 Ltr (divisional)

  • Code PCMM5C
  • Length 250mm
  • Width 775mm
  • Height 310mm

8 Teat Calf Feeder, Screw Caps - 45 Ltr (divisional)

  • Code PCMM8C
  • Length 340mm
  • Width 1135mm
  • Height 390mm

13 Teat Calf Feeder, Pull-Through Teats - 70 Ltr (non-divisional)

  • Code PCMR13C
  • Length 180mm
  • Width 2065mm
  • Height 330mm