Bloo Septic Tanks

Save time and money with BLOO Septic Tanks, fastest installation time and delivered fully assembled. Australia’s favourite septic tanks!

Bloo Septic Tanks

BLOO Septic Tanks are thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Australia, using high-quality materials built and tested to last. Our new compact design and fantastic service leaves you more time on site, with tanks delivered fully assembled.

You would be silly to purchase any other tank!

Don’t be the dumber plumber
Don’t be the dumber plumber.
Less Digging More Jigging
Less Tears More Beers
Don’t be the dumber plumber, Australia’s most cost-effective septics.
Less Deep More Sleep
Fastest Installation time. When time is money, BLOO Septics will give you more of both.
Australia's favourite septics
Australia's favourite septics.
Less Pick More Quick
Less Weary More Cherry
When you can’t WIPE the smile off your face, you know you're onto a winner.
BLOO Septics will save you time
BLOO Septics will save you time. Giving you more in your day, more time to play.
Less Pick More Quick
Less Sweat More Get
BLOO Septics delivered fully assembled. Work smarter not harder.

Orion is proud to announce our new Australian-made septic tank, BLOO. A robust, and easy to install septic tank, factory assembled to Australian Standards


BLOO Septic Tanks are fully designed and manufactured in Tasmania, Australia, using only high quality Australian-sourced materials. Build your reputation by using Australian-made products.


The ribbed design of the BLOO Septic Tank provides incredible strength and resistance to shape deformation. Extensive work and physical testing has ensured that BLOO Septic Tanks are built to last.


BLOO Septic Tanks are manufactured and tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS/ NZS1546.1:2008. One of the only Septic Tanks manufactured in Tasmania.


BLOO Septic Tanks are assembled before leaving the factory in Tasmania, to minimise the amount of work required on site. Simply position the tank and connect in and out flow pipes.


Manufactured from high quality industrial grade polyethylene, BLOO Septic Tanks are able to withstand the rigours of the real world. Knocks in transport, jolts and bangs during installation, ground and water pressure after installation. BLOO Septic Tanks are made tough and built to last.


BLOO Septic Tanks are designed to minimise the amount of digging required prior to installation. By utilising a low profile design, the depth of excavation is minimised, and the hole is easier to backfill after installation.


BLOO Septic Tanks are a one-piece moulded tank, and lifting lugs are incorporated into the design to make it easy to sling the tanks using crane, excavator or other lifting machinery.

BLOO Septic Tanks are tough and built to last! The robust shape and ribbed design provide extreme strength in all situations, even in an experiment against a Mercedes 300E! Take a guess on the winner. 

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