4500L Capacity Septic Tank

Given the choice, most plumbers would use the BLOO Septic Tank Systems as their first preference. Quick, easy and totally reliable, the BLOO Septic Tank system provides a quick and simple solution to septic tank installations.
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Contact us to find out why Orion Australia have the most valued poly septic tank prices available. We have all the information you need about septic tank cost in Tasmania. The 4500L Capacity septic tanks for sale  come with the following features.


  • Ideal for medium to larger sized homes
  • Fully compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZ1546.1:2008
  • Dual chamber design
  • Fully preassembled in factory
  • Low profile design for easy installation

4500 Ltr Septic Tank

  • Code UST4500
  • Outlet invert outlet 1120mm
  • Inlet invert inlet 1175mm
  • Length 3770mm
  • Width 1830mm
  • Height 1450mm
  • Capacity (Ltrs) 4500

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