Jacky® Grain Hoppers

Orion Australia's innovative range of grain hoppers come in both centre and side discharge systems. Both styles feature a smart and easy discharge mechanism, which is controlled from the side. This eliminates the need to place body parts underneath the suspended load. This creates a safer and healthier work environment. All our grain hoppers can hold up to 1000 kilograms of gain. Their volume varies between 915 and 1600 litres.

Grain Storage Bins

Grain storage bins and fertiliser discharging bins for field and factory use can hold up to 1000 kilograms of grain, and a volume of 1000 litres, depending on mass of goods being stored.

The convenient size and weight of this bin means it is excellent as both a transport module a stationary grain storage bin. Manufactured from UV resistant material that will not rust, these bins represent a solid long-term investment in a reliable grain storage solution.

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We purchased Orion rain water tanks, a septic tank, a fire fighting tank and a domestic supply pump for a new build. Arriving on-time and with contact during the lead-up, we took delivery of some fantastic-looking tanks and have installed them without a hitch. They really match the colour of the shed and we are very happy with the whole kit! The team at Orion truly are easy and professional to deal with and this is evident in the quality of their products and service.

Sam Lees

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