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Procon Industrial Bins

Procon Industrial Storage Bins - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Australia-wide. Using heavy-duty, food-grade polymer, they're durable & easy to clean, providing excellent performance in blast freezers and chillers.

Why Choose
Procon Pallet Bins?

Orion have set the standard in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty industrial storage bins and pallet bins. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to a vast number of industries. Our product range has been developed over many years from customised solutions that offer multiple benefits to the end user, and has been designed specifically for the needs of Australian Food Manufacturers.

Our dedication and investment in research and development, guarantees customers that our products will be at the forefront, exceeding the demands of the ever changing work environments and industries standards.

  • Heavy Duty Poly: These bins will not rust
  • Nestable Bins - for economical transporting
  • Weather & Chemical Resistant - Store bins outside
  • Easy to clean
  • Impact Resistant - Bins are crack resistant for a long service life
  • Bins Are Pallet Jack Compatible
  • Bins Produced with Rotomoulding technique with foodgrade polyethylene
  • Rotatable

Some of our clients include

  • Ingham's Chicken
  • JBS
  • HW Greenham & Sons Pty
  • J.J. Richards & Sons
  • Nestle Australia
  • Sanitarium Australia
  • Petuna Seafoods
  • Primo Smallgoods
  • Robern Menz
  • Steggles
  • SteriHealth Healthcare Solutions
  • Tassal Tasmanian Salmon
  • Thomas Foods International
  • Tibaldi
  • The Toohey brothers
  • veola waste management
  • 4legs pet food
  • Arnott's Australia
  • Australian Pet Brands
  • Diamond Valley Pork
  • Golden Cockerel Chicken


The Procon range of Industrial storage crates & bins is built to be suitable for storage of waste across multiple industries including:

Depending upon the needs of your industry you may require specialised plastic waste bins. Procon has solutions for each application, with options and features for convenience such as:

  • Easy to clean and sterilise
  • Stackable and transportable
  • Able to be hand-moved or, if heavy, then requiring heavy equipment.

Commercial Bins

Many companies also rely upon our plastic commercial bins, which are lightweight, easy to clean and provide economical, durable storage.

Procon plastic industrial bins can be serial numbered and/or colour-coded, so the right bin can be identified at a glance. Bins can come with attached lids or with open tops. They can be flat-bottomed for stability, contoured for easy and secure stacking, designed with openings for forklifts and other lifting devices.

Our Commercial bins are available in a wide range of sizes, to address the different volumes of material used or produced by different companies.