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Confectionery & Wholefoods

PROCON bins are ideal for containment and storage of pre-packaged foodstuffs and snack packs. Back upstream in the manufacturing process, hopper bins are commonly used for storing and discharging ingredient components such as nuts, cereals and grains.

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Popular Options and Accessories

Compliance Marking image

Compliance Marking

High visibility markings that are integrally embedded into the bins. Customised messages can be stencilled in and can only be removed by physical grinding or gouging.

Serial Numbering image

Serial Numbering

To facilitate quality control and product tracking, PROCON offers integral serial numbering and bar coding on bins.

Rotator Plates image

Rotator Plates

Designed for use with forklift mounted bin rotators. Rotator plates allow bins to be fully inverted for emptying and cleaning. Available in stainless steel and galvanised steel.

Colour Choice image

Colour Choice

Using only virgin grade industrial quality materials, Procon Australia can offer a wide variety of colour options for their large product range. Minimum run quantities may apply for some colours.

Some of our clients include

  • Ingham's Chicken
  • JBS
  • HW Greenham & Sons Pty
  • J.J. Richards & Sons
  • Nestle Australia
  • Sanitarium Australia
  • Petuna Seafoods
  • Primo Smallgoods
  • Robern Menz
  • Steggles
  • SteriHealth Healthcare Solutions
  • Tassal Tasmanian Salmon
  • Thomas Foods International
  • Tibaldi
  • The Toohey brothers
  • veola waste management
  • 4legs pet food
  • Arnott's Australia
  • Australian Pet Brands
  • Diamond Valley Pork
  • Golden Cockerel Chicken