1100 Ltr Procon Pallet Bin

Procon pallet bins are extremely robust and are the ideal container when handling food grade product or waste.
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  • Procon Pallet Bin 1100 Ltr
  • Procon Pallet Bin 1100 Ltr

Plastic Pallet Bins

Designed with industry in mind, plastic pallet bins from Orion Australia are the bin of choice for many leading Australia food manufactures.

Solid construction from heavy-duty food-grade plastic ensures they are long-lasting and durable.  The moulded interior is easy to clean—unlike traditional bins with sharp corners and many crevices.

The food-grade plastic bins also provide excellent performance in blast freezers and chillers.  They can easily be moved by forklift or other lifting device, and optional rotator plates can be fitted.

All plastic pallet bins can have optional colour coding, barcoding, or serial numbering can help to identify and track batch lots.

  • Easy to clean bin designs reduce cleaning costs.
  • Heavy-duty food grade polymer construction increases longevity and durability.
  • Excellent performance in chillers and blast freezers, adding value and long-term benefit for investment.
  • Optional custom branding, colour coding, serial numbering and barcoding to greatly assist in tracking batch lots.
  • Optional lid, rotator plates, drain bung or embossing/stamping

For more information on our range of styles and sizes, please enquire via the Contact Us page or call our Customer Services Team on 1800 752 784.

1100 Ltr Procon Pallet Bin

  • Code QP/PIB1100
  • Length 1150mm
  • Width 1150mm
  • Height 1080mm
  • Capacity (Ltrs) 1100

Ideal Uses for 1100 Ltr Procon Pallet Bin

  • Fish Waste

    Fish Waste

  • Grain and Seed

    Grain and Seed

  • Leafy Salads

    Leafy Salads

  • Fresh Meat

    Fresh Meat

  • Meat Meal

    Meat Meal

  • Offal


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Suitable for numerous industrial applications

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