'Lug Box' Plastic Pallets

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Australian made plastic pallets, for when quantity matters.

Reducing costs and overheads is a major goal for every industry. With lean manufacturing and heavy quality control, the food industry is no exception.

When it comes to shipping, one easy way to help reduce costs is to ensure each load is maximising the available space. Developed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian Produce and Aquaculture industry, the Australian made, LBP polyethylene pallets allows up to 25% more load capacity by holding vented lug boxes in an efficient and economical manner. Not only can you fit more of your product on each pallet, you can fit more pallets in each load!

  • More product per pallet and more pallets per load.
  • Hygienic single piece construction to minimise contamination.
  • 4-way entry to suit a range of lifting devices.
  • Unit weight of 17kg, easy to move by hand.
  • Optional custom identification and serial numbering.
  • Choice of colours or colour coding options.

Lug Box Pallet

  • Code: LBP
  • Length: 1282mm
  • Width: 1062mm
  • Height: 175mm

Lug Box Pallet

  • Code LBP