Side Discharge Bulk Bag Splitta

JACKY® Bulk Bag Splitta provides an easy and smart method for discharging product directly from a bulk bag. Simply lower the bulk bag onto the blade of the Bag Splitta, which cuts the base of the bag open. The bulk bag may be left on the Bag Splitta while the contents are dispensed via the discharge hatch on the front face of the bin. The forkliftable frame assists with overcoming lifting height restrictions commonly experienced by user of bulk bags.

Jacky Bag Splitter User Manual (464 KB PDF)


  • Automatically cuts bulk bags when lowered onto Bag Splitta, allowing easy and hassle-free discharge of Bulk Bags
  • Bag may be left on Bag Splitta until empty to prevent transfer of contents to other storage systems.
  • Side Discharge hatch allows precise control of product discharge out of Bag Splitta. 
  • Helps overcome lifting height problems - Bag Splitta is picked up from underneath. 
  • The simple operation is quick and relieves liability associated with re-filling bags. 
  • Blade is removable for safe storage and transport. 
  • 1200kg/1.73m3 capacity.
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) - 1200kg. 
  • Standard colour Faint Green (Translucent).
  • Serial numbering and custom branding available.

 Download the JACKY® Bulk Bag Splitta Video (mp4 2 MB)

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  • Side Discharge Bulk Bag Splitta

Product Specifications

Side Discharge Bulk Bag Splitta

  • Code JBBSA-8
  • Opening size - base 295x245mm
  • Opening size - top 1140x1340mm
  • Fork Pocket size 150x100mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres 830mm
  • Length 1400mm
  • Width 1200mm
  • Height 1770mm