1000 Ltr Centre Discharge Dumper Bin

The Centre Empty JACKY® Dumper Bin design incorporates a poly hopper mounted on a forkliftable poly base.
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  • Orion Australia - 1000 Ltr Centre Discharge Dumper Bin

The JBDBF-L Centre Discharge JACKY® Dumper Bin design incorporates a poly hopper mounted on a fork-liftable base. The bin empties through an opening in the centre of the base and the slide-hatch mechanism allows for precise control of the discharge rate.The low profile is excellent for tight clearance applications. It also allows unloading out the back of a grain trailer which is excellent for taking off excess load weight at the weigh bridge.

Model JBDBF-L Benefits

  • 1000L/1.0m³ capacity.
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) - 1200kg.
  • All working parts UV stabilised polyethylene or stainless steel for longevity.
  • 45 degree run slope allows the discharge rate of most granular products to be easily controlled.
  • Standard colour is Faint Green.
  • Serial numbering and custom branding available to assist in tracking batch lots.
  • Comes standard with lid

To download a copy of this content for print, you can download the 1000 Ltr Centre Discharge Dumper Bin spec sheet.

1.0m3/1000kg Dumper Bin

  • Code
  • Opening size - base
  • Opening size - top
  • Fork Pocket size
  • Fork Pocket Centres
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Capacity (Ltrs)

 Storage capacity for common products

  • Urea 750 kgs
  • SSP Single Superphosphate 1100 kgs
  • Starter 1100 kgs
  • DAP (Diammonium phosphate) 900 kgs
  • MAP (Monoammonium phosphate) 1000 kgs
  • Rustica 1200 kgs
  • Dynamic Lifter 700 kgs
  • Wheat 770 kgs
  • Barley 620 kgs
  • Oats 480 kgs
  • Lupins 770 kgs
  • Canola 690 kgs
  • Maize 720 kgs
  • Snail bait pellets 630 kgs
  • Calf Pellets 630 kgs
  • Chook Pellets 630 kgs
  • Lead feed 630 kgs
  • Sheep nuts 630 kgs
  • Horse feed 630 kgs
  • Cement powder 1130 kgs
  • Blood and bone powder 640 kgs
  • Hydrated lime powder 640 kgs

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