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JACKY® Raimo bulk bag dispenser

Time saving, money saving tool for safe and easy dispensing from any bulk bag.

The JACKY® Raimo dispenser is set to change the way Australians handle products in bulk bags.

The JACKY® Raimo dispenser provides a method of controlling the flow of product out of a bulk bag. The JACKY® Raimo Dispenser is becoming an acclaimed piece of equipment for handling bulk bags of fertiliser.

"What a cracker invention!!"

The JACKY® Raimo can also be used with various free-flowing materials including:

  • seed
  • pelleted feed
  • salt
  • gravel
  • wood pellets
  • plastics and various chemical products.

Safe to use

Supplied as a simple two piece product, the JACKY Raimo dispenser can be fitted anywhere into a bulk bag, meaning that at no time is the user required to get under a suspended bag to access the discharge chute.

Easy to fit

To fit the JACKY® Raimo dispenser to a bulk bag, simply push, twist into the bag and lock the dispenser in. Once the bag is empty, the JACKY® Raimo dispenser can be removed and inserted into another bag. Watch the installation video on this page.

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Download the JACKY® Raimo dispenser video (mp4 9 MB)