Mini Storage Silos & Hoppers Australia

The JACKY® Mini Storage Silos and Hoppers are the ideal solution for stationary storage of smaller quantities of grain and feed.

Complete with our unique rustproof discharge system, these hopper units help to protect valuable contents (grain, feed etc.) against vermin and weather damage.

The elevated storage hopper allows you to fill buckets or containers directly from the mini silo.  

Benefits of Mini Silos and Storage Hoppers

  • Ideal feed storage solution.
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) - 1200kg.
  • Centre discharge hopper with innovative, corrosive-free slide mechanism for precise release of stored goods.
  • Mini silo constructed of UV stabilised polyethylene and stainless steel bin allowing for goods to be stored outdoors. 
  • Heavy-duty galvanised steel frame for adding longevity.
  • Slide on lid design for weather resistance and protection against foreign bodies entering the mini silo.
  • Serial numbering and custom branding available.

Bag Splittas

JACKY® Bulk Bag Splittas provide an easy and smart method for discharging product directly from a bulk bag.

JACKY® Mobile Feed Trailer

A robust and reliable feed out trailer, designed to withstand the rigours of farm life.

Fertigation Hopper

This 3000-litre hopper is ideal for mixing and storing larger batches of fertigation products