21 June 2024

Key Factors for Successful Tank Delivery

Delivering a new rainwater tank to your property requires careful planning and consideration. Although we will discuss the specifics with you before dispatch, this article outlines key factors to consider beforehand, especially since we may have not visited your property. Your cooperation is crucial to ensure unimpeded access and the safe arrival and placement of your tank.

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Delivery Vehicle Specifications

Our standard delivery vehicles consist of a medium rigid truck with a trailer, measuring a total length of 19 metres (63 feet). We require a minimum clearance of 3.6 metres (12 feet) in width and 5 metres (17 feet) in height.

Access and Road Conditions

It is imperative that roads and access tracks are in good condition, free from deep ruts, culverts, potholes, or creek crossings. Furthermore, ample space for manoeuvring the truck and trailer is necessary; please ensure sufficient hardstand area is available. If you do not have sufficient room, please discuss this with our team prior to scheduled delivery allowing us time to make suitable arrangements.

Additional Considerations:

Access Roads: Verify that external access roads have adequate height and width clearances to prevent damage to the tank in transit.

Overhead Power Lines: Check for low-hanging lines that could obstruct access.

Low bridges: Ensure there are no bridges with less than 5.0 metres of clearance along the route.

Road Grade: Steep and unsealed roads can be problematic as our trucks are rear-wheel drive, not 4WD. Steep, unsealed tracks and sharp corners may pose challenges and prevent our vehicles from reaching the preferred delivery site.

Onsite Delivery and Safety

Upon arrival, we require at least one person to be on site to accept delivery of tanks. Our delivery team endeavours to position your tank as close to its final location as possible, however if the tank or tanks need to be moved after being unloaded, we require the assistance of able-bodied persons - again, please discuss this with our team prior to the scheduled day of delivery. For large tanks, our driver will establish an ‘exclusion zone’ while tanks are being offloaded. It is forbidden that any person to enter the exclusion zone. Please ensure that any pets are restrained, and livestock are well away from this area as well.

Professional Handling

Our experienced Orion Australia delivery team handles the delivery process and positioning of tanks with discretion and professionalism. Rest assured; our drivers are trained to manage these tasks safely in various situations.

Contact Us

Should you have any inquiries or apprehensions regarding an upcoming tank delivery, please contact the accommodating team at Orion Australia. We are committed to providing assistance and solutions throughout the process.