02 March 2023

Rainwater Harvesting as a
Sustainable Solution

Rainwater harvesting is a traditional and sustainable method that can be easily used for collection of water for human consumption or other purposes both in residential and commercial sectors.

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In recent years, the world has faced a growing water crisis, with droughts and water shortages affecting communities across the globe. With the increasing demand for water we are now increasingly becoming aware of the importance of water to our survival. It's essential to look for sustainable solutions to ensure water security in the future and such a solution is rainwater harvesting. The benefits of the environmentally friendly process are many, including green living, water conservation, drought resiliency, flood control, reducing the amount of runoff and more. Sustainable use of water can help to maintain a balance between its demand and supply.

Rainwater harvesting has several benefits, both for the environment and for individuals and communities.

Water conservation and supports self-sufficiency:

Rainwater harvesting can result in water conservation as well as cost savings as it reduces the dependence on municipal water supply. This, in turn, helps to lower the cost of water bills and decrease the strain on the public water system. Furthermore, it increases self-sufficiency by providing households and communities with their water supply, which is particularly useful during times of water shortages or natural disasters.

Additionally, the treatment and distribution of municipal water require a significant amount of energy, and reducing the demand for potable water can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the water supply system.

Reducing the impact of urbanisation on water resources:

The increase in concrete structures in urban areas reduces the amount of water that can be absorbed into the ground, leading to increased runoff and flooding. By collecting and storing rainwater, we can mitigate the impact of urbanisation on water resources and reduce the risk of flooding.

Reducing runoff:

Runoff is the flow of water that occurs when excess water from precipitation, irrigation, or other sources flows over the land and into streams, lakes, and other waterways. Runoff can cause erosion, pollution, and other environmental problems. By collecting and storing rainwater, we can help reduce runoff that would otherwise occur and cause erosion and pollution. This can protect the health of local waterways and ecosystems, improve the overall water management in a community and enhance its resilience to heavy rainfall and flood events.

Image on Right: Heavy rains and storms in the Midwest USA have flooded fields causing corn crop damage delayed farmers from planting.

Drought resiliency:

In many areas around the world, the frequency, intensity, and duration of drought events are increasing. Prolonged drought can deplete groundwater aquifers that many communities rely on for drinking water and irrigation. Promoting stormwater and rainwater capture can augment water supplies and replenish aquifers.

Enhanced property value:

Homes equipped with rainwater harvesting systems are becoming increasingly desirable and offer a dual solution to the issue of rising utility bills and increasing the value of a property. Other than the initial installation costs, the operating cost of the infrastructure is next to null.

There are other, perhaps less obvious, environmental, and economic benefits to installing rainwater harvesting systems. For instance, they can reduce the need to build new dams, or desalination plants, and cut water infrastructure operating costs.

The need for sustainable water services and a rethink of our water use has never been greater. Many countries are adopting integrated urban water management strategies as part of a more holistic approach to managing the urban hydrological cycle.

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