29 May 2022

Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Use in Rural Tasmania

Rainwater is an abundant natural resource that’s easy to harvest and has historically been used to supply drinking water and irrigate crops. Using a rainwater harvesting system can bring significant environmental, social, and economic benefits. Well-planned water storage is essential for rural living as many rural areas don’t have access to mains water. Orion water tanks are a vital resource on properties in rural Tasmania. The harvested rainwater can be used for domestic irrigation at no cost and is safe to drink if the harvesting system is clean and well-maintained.

Water Tanks


An average 100 square metre roof collects around 1000ltrs of rainwater from a 10mm rain event. Orion Australia have a range of water tanks in different shapes, sizes, and colours including Slimline Rainwater Tanks that can fit into confined spaces. The smallest Orion tank has a capacity of 160 litres and the largest can contain up to 26000 litres.

The fundamental technology that Orion uses to build these earth-friendly water tanks has far-reaching impacts that expand beyond delivering a water supply.

Environmental Advantages

Rain harvesting makes perfect sense if you’re committed to caring for the environment!

Rainwater harvesting not only gives you a sustainable and renewable water source but also helps lower your ecological footprint by limiting the environmental impacts associated with water infrastructure, groundwater depletion reduction, and lessening the negative effects of stormwater runoff.

Using rainwater at the household level has added benefits such as reducing the need for water to be stored in dams which can damage river ecosystems and reducing the energy consumption of pumping long distances.

The system of rainwater flow has been developed over millions of years and it follows a cycle that has multiple benefits. In rural terrain, only about 20 per cent of rainfall travels into waterways, about 40 per cent is transpired back into the atmosphere, and 40 per cent absorbs into the water table through porous topsoil. This evaporation of the water back into the atmosphere supports future rainfall and has a substantial cooling effect ensuring that there is enough moisture in the air.

Economic Advantages

A properly designed rain harvesting system helps save you money and offers a clear return on investment. Orion Water Tanks are affordable, easy to maintain, and have a very long service life. This pragmatic investment can supply some or all your household water needs, eliminate or reduce utility bills and your reliance on costly water deliveries, make your property water self-sufficient and bring significant cost savings.

Health & Safety Advantages

Orion Rainwater Tanks are hygiene and sanitation approved providing clean water to keep you safe and healthy. In addition, setting a Rain Harvesting system up with bushfire preparedness in mind is always a smart idea as the advantages might not just be financial or conservational, but also invaluable when it comes to the safety of your family and home during bushfire season.

Employment/Educational Advantages

Orion construction method creates a skilled labor force increasing local skills and income-generating opportunities for locals. This easy-to-learn process stimulates educational dialogue regarding environmental issues by nature.

Partnering local for success

If you’re building your dream home in rural Tasmania and planning to install a rainwater harvesting system, our fellow local business Tasbuilt Homes can take care of the entire project, from designing and building your home to the coordination and installation of an Orion water tank, including complete council application processes.

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