About Orion Agricultural Equipment

Orion Plastic agricultural equipment

Orion Plastic agricultural equipment is designed to be easy to use and a long-term investment. Our proven plastic agricultural equipment designs are robust and made of heavy duty materials resulting in products that will not only stand up to the rigours of daily farm demands, but are tailored with both the consumer and the animals in mind. Not only will you feel good about relying on these high-quality implements, we guarantee that the cattle, sheep, horses, and other livestock will feel content getting their nourishment from products designed with their needs and welfare in mind.

Quality Farming Equipment and Customer Service

Our Farming Equipment products and service are guaranteed, with timely deliveries and a commitment to continuous improvement. We want every customer experience to be an excellent one, and use each opportunity for interaction as a way to better understand our customers’ needs.

Durable designs for Vineyard & Orchard Equipment

Many progressive orchard owners are upgrading and improving Vineyard & Orchard Equipment, such as produce bins, bulk and jumbo bag handling equipment & spraying equipment in order to correctly treat and care for the trees in their orchard. The need for durable storage and produce bins and hoppers for the harvested fruit or nuts is growing in Australia. Orion Australia is pleased to be able to provide farmers with vineyard and orchard equipment which is specifically tailored around this industry.