Hand Held Milk Bottle

The ideal, easy to use calf feeding milk bottle. Simple to clean, making the calf feeding moments more enjoyable.

The hand held milk bottle can make calf feeding moments a dream!  The ergonomic design of the bottle is perfect for both the young and old, and any person in between!  Simple bottles are simply to clean;  the teat simply unscrews, allowing excellent access to the inside for hygienic cleaning. 

  • Available with screw-on poly teats or peach teats.
  • UV stabilised poly for long outdoor use.
  • Teat cap easily unscrews to wash out feeder.
  • 2 litre capacity.
  • Semi-translucent design, easy to see liquid level.
  • Incremented exterior to assist in mixing the milk powder.


Perfect for Calves, Lambs, Goats

2 Ltr Single Teat Milk Bottle for Calves - Screw Cap

  • Code PCMB1C

2 Ltr Single Teat Milk Bottle for Lambs - Screw Cap

  • Code PCMB1L