Bulka Frame™—Bulk Bags Australia

Eliminate the risks normally associated with bulk bags by using Bulka-Frame. Available across Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney. Contact Orion today for a quote.

Bulk Handling Systems for effective Bulk Bag Usage

While bulk bags are used extensively throughout Australia due to their convenience, most users recognise the risks associated with discharging the goods from these bags. Now, thanks to the team at Orion Australia, there is a system to help reduce these risks. You can now have a combination of bags and Bulka Frame stands that fold flat for easy storage. It is the perfect way to help eliminate the risks normally associated with bulk bags. Once the bag is full, the entire stand assembly, including the bag, can be stacked 4-high to maximize your storage capacity.

Bulka-Frame—the perfect partner for Bulka Bags!

Bulka-Frame Bag—the a safe, efficient, successful, and hassle-free way for you to stack, transport, and discharge goods direct from a Bulka Bag. As this fully certified, engineered framing system keeps bags erect, it prevents the bags from slumping to one side. This reduces the amount of floor space required for storage, and allows users to stack them up to 4 high when full! This framing system also helps to protect the Bulka Bag so that it is less likely to rip, tear, and spill its contents. The bags can be filled while they are supported by the frame, or filled first and then lowered into the waiting frame. Frames can be easily disassembled when not in use, to minimise storage space.

Congratulations to the team at Orion for yet another innovative and quality product. The Bulka Frame now allows staff at Exform to transfer bulk plastic resin to bins in complete safety. Whether it is slow feeding into other reciprocals or a complete transfer of resin from the bulka bag, this works every time. Great concept, safe and easy to use. - AK, Manager, Injection Moulding Plant

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Bulka Frame_ to suit 1 tonne Bag - 2000mm Legs

  • Code BF2000
  • Length 1250mm
  • Width 1250mm
  • Height 2000mm