Rainwater Tank Maintenance

This easy checkup prevents possible contamination and any property damage.

Unless your water tastes odd or is a funny colour you might not think to check your tank, but to keep everything running smoothly into the future perform this check up every six months.

Rainwater tank inspection check list:

  • Gutters are clean - Remove large amounts of leaf material or any other debris.
  • No clutter on or near roof - Look for accumulated debris like leaves or other plant material and clear away anything that has built up. Prune any overhanging branches.
  • Filters in place -Rainwater tank inlets have leaf strainers and insect filters in place, and have been cleaned or repaired if necessary.
  • No cracks or damage - Rainwater tank and roof are intact.
  • No bugs or algae in tank - Peek inside and look for evidence of animal, insect, or algal activity. Close any holes so that bugs or light won't enter the storage area.
  • Pipework is sound - The pipes to and from the tank look good. Drain any pipes that are holding water, which can be difficult for buried pipework, but important.

This quick visual inspection will prevent most common water tank issues and will maintain a quality water supply. Every 2-3 years you'll also need to remove any accumulated sediment that may have gathered on the bottom of the thank. 

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A quality ORION rainwater tank is a long term and worthwhile investment that won't rust or corrode, providing this easy maintenance will keep it supplying you with clean water for years!

More information visit the Guidance on use of rainwater tanks from the Australian Department of Health.