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Tasmanian Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Not only are Orion Slimline Tanks great for saving water, they look great too! They are the ideal rainwater tank for wherever space is at a premium.

No matter whether you want your tank to blend in to its surrounds or stand out — from heritage and traditional to contemporary and ultra-modern settings, we have the look to suit.

  • Manufactured from food grade, UV stabilised polyethylene, our tanks are tough as the come, durable and easily able to withstand the harsh Australian sun.
  • They do not rust or corrode, and are impact resistant — a great long term investment.
  • Single piece moulded construction ensures long term structural strength.
  • Installs are easy with a tap/valve and fit-up kit supplied with ever rainwater tank.
  • Available in a wide range of colours, with capacity to match many existing Colorbond® colours.

Want a water storage solution that won’t rust or corrode?  Contact us for details.

To download a copy of this content for print, you can download the 600 Ltr Smooth Slimline Tank spec sheet.

600 Ltr Flat Walled Slimline Tank Only

  • Code
  • Outlet
    2 x 25mm BSP Female
  • Overflow
    1 x 90mm outlet, "Rapid Seal" grommet and 90mm removeable insect screen
  • Inlet
    1 x 200mm strainer basket, complete with stainless steel insect mesh screen
  • Valve
    1 x Brass Gate Valve
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Warranty
    15 years prorata
  • Minimum recommended base size
  • Minimum recommended base thickness
  • Recommended base construction
    Concrete, or 6mm FCR levelled and compacted. If a tank stand is to be used, ensure base of tank is fully supported and that the stand is capable of supporting the total weight of the tank when full.
  • Tank material
    LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) Complies with AS/NS4766 for potable water