780 Ltr
Procon Endura Bin

Product Code: QP/IRD780

After extensive engineering and exhaustive testing, the ENDURA bin proudly claims the title of "Australia's Most Robust Pallet Bin". Engineered to be stacked up to 5 high.








Code: QP/IRD780

Length: 1240mm

Width: 1080mm

Height: 820mm

Drop it, hit it, push it, pull it, stack it, fill it, empty it, DO WHAT YOU LIKE TO IT!

Orion Australia is pleased to release the Endura-Bin.

The leading solution for meat storage, the Endura-Bin is already achieving roaring success among leading Australian meat manufactures.

And why wouldn't it? The Endura-Bin is a robust, lightweight and fully certified European size plastic pallet bin which can be stacked 5 high when full of meat!

The Endura-Bin is easy and quick to clean thanks to its smooth internal surfaces. A great long-term investment, their solid construction means they will last and last.

We've made it easy to switch. Endura-Bins are designed to integrate with other meat bins such as the Dolav Bin, so you don"t have to replace your existing meat bins all in one go.

  • The all poly construction, makes the bins lightweight
  • Smooth internal surfaces to ease the cleaning process
  • Bins are fully certified to be safely stacked 5 high when full (depending on mass of product)
  • Manufactured from industrial UV stabilised polymer for added longevity
  • Optional serial numbering to assist in tracking batches

Plastic Produce Bins

Large Plastic Storage & Pallet Bins

Orion produce large tubs built for a wide variety of commercial, agricultural and industrial applications, where usability and durability are key.

When empty, tubs can be nested to save space - when full, they can be stacked to maximize your storage. They are constructed of a heavy-duty industrial-grade polymer (plastic) which, most importantly, is easy to clean!

These large storage tubs are available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to colour code your storage bins and keep things organised. Options available for the bins include drainage outlets and rotator plates to let the bin turn in place.

Want a long-lasting plastic bin that won't let you down?

If you are using plastic bins for storage, you want to know they will take anything you throw at them. The Orion industrial-grade pallet bins have stood the test of time for well over a decade.

Our plastic storage bins have proven their sturdiness and durability in highly demanding environments, time and time again. It is because of this strong track record that they are trusted by leading Australian food manufacturers nationwide.

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