About Rainwater Tanks


Innovative & durable water storage with our range of Tasmanian made rainwater tanks.

Everyone in Tasmania knows the importance of water conservation, and Orion Australia has a range of water tanks to suit every situation — from residential to agricultural and industrial. The Orion Australia manufacturing process creates poly water tanks of unparalleled quality and lifespan making the collection and storage of rainwater easy.

Add beauty and value with a range of colours.

When it comes to water tanks, many people worry that large wooden rain barrels or ugly metal cisterns may affect the market value, of their home. It does not have to be this way. Orion Water Tanks have carefully developed a range which reflects Tasmania’s character. Our tanks are beautiful and with plenty of colour options are to blend in with the landscape.

Round water tanks

Our popular round tanks come in both corrugated and smooth wall profiles. Select from dozens of colours to blend with your existing colour scheme or to contrast and provide a dramatic focal point.

Slimline water tanks

If space is limited our slimline tanks are an extremely popular solution. Our entire slimline rainwater tank range is available in a wide array of colours so you can be sure it will blend in to our home. View our gallery to see what an installation looks like or see our 1000 Litre tank for a list of optional colours.

Coming soon, water tank displays in Hobart, Launceston, Scottsdale & Smithton.