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True Level Indicator

The True Level Indicator is reads the exact tank level, unlike many other water level indicators... what you see is what you have.

The highly visible bright aluminium indicator with its red band can be seen from afar, more than 100 metres. It has been suggested that in remote areas, the indicator can be seen from a plane or helicopter! Even better is the night time visibility thanks to the highly reflective red band.

  • True Reading - Unlike homemade water level gauges that read back to front, the Levetator shows the actual water level
  • Simplicity - No gimmicks, no batteries, just a simple float/weight/pulley system
  • Reliability - Year in, year out, the Levetator water level gauge provides reliable service thanks to quality materials and large, free-running pulleys

Product Specifications

True Level Water Indicator

  • Code RTLY

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