Slimline Rainwater Tanks

SMART by Design

Not only are Orion Slimline Rainwater Tanks great for saving water, they look great too! Blend in or standout, the choice is yours. With a range of colours to suit heritage, traditional, contemporary and ultra-modern settings, you're sure to find a water tank that fits your look.

Their slimline design makes our tanks ideal for use where space is at a premium.

SMART by design, Orion Slimline Tanks:

  • Are manufactured from food grade UV stabilised polyethylene, making them tough, durable and able to withstand the harsh Australian sun.
  • Do not rust or corrode, and are impact resistant — a long term and worthwhile investment.
  • Are constructed using a single piece mould — ensuring long term structural strength.
  • Come with a tap or valve and fit-up kit, to make your install easy.
  • Are available in a wide range of colours, with capacity to match many existing Colorbond® colours.