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Tasmanian Made Steel Corrugated Rainwater Tanks

In response to the ever-growing demand water conservation products, Orion Tanks Tasmania have a comprehensive range of both traditional and contemporary styles of rainwater tanks. Orion Tanks have been manufacturing rainwater tanks for over 20 years, and our finished products embody our passion for quality workmanship.  

  • Manufactured from Australian made steel which makes them tough, durable and able to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.
  • Easy install with tap/valve and fit-up kit supplied with all tanks.
  • Non-standard fit-up and additional outlet options are available on request, to suit your requirements.
  • Tanks are available in a wide range of colours, with capacity to match many existing Colorbond® colours.

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To download a copy of this content for print, you can download the 14000 Ltr Aquaplate Steel Rainwater Tank spec sheet.

14072L Capacity

  • Code
  • Height
  • Diameter


Orion Australia Warranty Terms and Conditions require the preparation of a good quality base pad for steel rainwater tanks.

Unlike moulded tanks, steel tanks are manufactured from several pieces of formed steel, which are sealed from the inside once the tank is constructed.

An inadequate or poorly constructed base may allow the tank to deform when the tank is filled, resulting in perforation of the internal seal and consequent leaking.

Galvanised Tank Base

Our recommended base construction procedure:

1. Construct retaining edge from (minimum size) 90x19mm treated pine or similar. Ensure overall size of base pad (LxW) is 200mm greater than the tank diameter.

2. Position retaining edge, ensuring that it is level in both directions. If necessary, fasten the retaining edge to steel star posts to prevent movement and ensure that it remains level in both directions.

3. Fill the base area with crushed rock. 7mm ‘blue metal’ screenings are ideal, as they allow ground water to drain freely beneath the tank which minimizes opportunity for rust.

4. Compact fill and screed level with retainer edge. Ensure minimum thickness of fill is 75mm.

5. Orion Australia does not take responsibility for tank failure due to an inadequate or poorly constructed base.

Contact the Customer Support Team at Orion Australia for further details and more clues for rainwater conservation.