May 18, 2020

Introducing the New Orion Galvanised Tank Range

Introducing the New Orion Galvanised Tank Range image

The events of the last few months have seen us all retreat to the comforts of our own homes, whether we like it or not! In some ways, it's been nice to take a step back, and reassess the important things in life. Spending more time at home probably means you’re thinking about how you can better your home, perhaps you’ve planted a veggie garden or painted your fence. Perhaps you’ve considered being less reliant on utilities, and more self sufficient? And if that’s the case, you’ll want to read on and learn a thing or two about our galvanised steel rainwater tanks.

Orion galvanized steel tanks are a great option for anyone considering a tank, especially in remote areas. They satisfy the new BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) ratings, and we’re able to fully customize our steel rainwater storage tanks to suit your needs, whether it be a custom size or colour. If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are a couple of other points to get you over the line:

On the Farm


The whole tank range of Orion stainless steel tanks are manufactured right here in Tasmania.

We can paint them to any colour you like.

We deliver statewide for free to most areas in Tasmania.

We have a huge range of standardized galvanized steel water tanks from 900L to a large capacity 21000L water storage, but if we don’t have a size that suits your needs, we’ll customize for you. We’re good like that.

All our  galvanized steel tanks are supplied with 1 x 90mm overflow fitting.

They’re absolutely Tasmanian.

View the full range here.

Galvanised Tanks

Now that we’ve got you convinced galvanized rainwater tanks are the go for rainwater harvesting and water collection, another thing you’ll need to consider is the base for the steel rainwater tank. We can help you with that too. Steel rainwater tanks require a GOOD QUALITY base on which to sit.

Steel tanks are manufactured in sections, assembled and then the steel walls are sealed from the inside. If the base is not level and firm, the weight of water inside the tank may cause the tank to buckle slightly and break the internal seal. Here is our recommended base construction method.


Fix with star posts

Fine crushed rock

Now for the best part (besides being Tasmanian), right now we’re offering an upgrade from our standard 10,000L tank to our 12,500 for only $99.

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