June 03, 2020

How can I make the most out of capturing rainwater in winter?

How can I make the most out of capturing rainwater in winter? image

Winter inevitably brings with it an increased supply of rainwater. Some of us love the wetter months, and some us… not so much! But as Tasmanians, the rainy days are unavoidable, and as the saying goes, if you got lemons, make lemonade! You might be wondering what lemons have to do with rainy winter days? In Orion talk, we mean, if you got rain, collect it in your rainwater tank!

What kind of tank do I need to collect rainwater?

Great news for you, our steel rainwater tanks and our poly water tanks are both suitable for rainwater harvesting!

How much rainwater can I collect?

Obviously the bigger the water storage tank, the more potential for rain harvesting. The catchment area or roof size also determine how much you can collect, as does the amount of rainfall in your geographical location. We have a very handy tool in which you can calculate approximately how much rainwater you can collect.
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Rainwater capture system

What kind of tank accessories do I need to collect rainwater?

To maximise your potential to collect rainwater, and ensure it is not contaminated, you will want to have the following rain tank accessories and tank fittings on hand.


This is the all in one rain head, first flush and stormwater overflow.


Designed to be connected to a mains water supply on a rainwater retention tank.


Improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance by preventing the first ‘flush’ of water.

See our full range of water tank accessories here.

What are the benefits of harvesting rainwater?

There are so many reasons why harvesting rainwater is a great idea. Here are just a few:

  • Increase your personal water supply
  • If not harvested, rainwater would otherwise be wasted
  • Reduce your reliance on town water and decrease your water bill
  • Rainwater is not chlorinated
  • Great for watering the garden
  • A rainwater harvesting system is inexpensive and easy to install and maintain
  • It’s environmentally friendly!

In a nutshell (we’re all about nuts and lemons at Orion!), if you have the capacity to collect rainwater, you should be! If you want to know more, call our friendly team on 1800 752 784.

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