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Another truly innovative JACKY product, the JACKY Feed & Fertiliser Transfer unit makes light and simple work of filling lick feeders, seed drills, feed troughs etc. The reliability of Stihl power products coupled with the simplicity and ingenuity of JACKY products…… good thinking!


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1730L Jacky Feed/Fertiliser Transfer Unit

Model LA15004KM13143M Benefits

  • 1700L/1200kg capacity – holds a whole bulka bag of product
  • Fast transfer rate – 1000kg in approx. 10 mins!
  • Connects to Stihl KM131 powerhead attachment (not supplied) – can be used with any of the Stihl KombiTool attachments!
  • Fits neatly on many utes and flat tray vehicles – low profile bin design
  • 3m x 4” auger – fold down design for safe and easy transport
  • Fork tine pockets for easy and safe loading/unloading
  • Steep run slope on bin for complete evacuation of contents
  • UV Stabilised poly bin and galvanised steel frame for longevity

Auger size: 4” Diameter x 3m length – approx. 5T/hr capacity (wheat)
Engine: Stihl KM-131R
Gearbox: 44:1 Reduction
Auger Rotation Speed: Approx. 440rpm
Bin Capacity: 1730L – 1200kg

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We purchased a Jacky Bin - Mini Silo and could not be happier with the service, product and value for money. I could not recommend Orion Products highly enough. Special mention must be made to Simon who considered all our delivery needs.

Keeley Lester

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