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Steel rainwater storage tanks are an integral part of the Australian culture, and a regular sight in both country and urban settings.

As Tasmania’s leading rainwater tank supplier, Orion Australia supplies a comprehensive range of steel rainwater tanks. Standard sizes are listed below, and customised sizes can be manufactured for replacement situations and applications that require dimensionally unique products.

All Orion Australia steel rainwater tanks are manufactured from Australian steel. Galvanised steel tanks can be used for drinking water, and are compliant with Australian Standards for storage of potable water

The GRT10000-S galvanized steel firefighting rainwater tank is specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of the Bushfire Attack Level ratings in the Building Code of Tasmania.

Corrugated Steel – The Australian way

The traditional corrugated steel rainwater tank profile has been an Australian icon for many generations. Ideal for either blending or contrasting in a large variety of situations, from traditional to contemporary and ultra modern.

Colour options

Galvanised steel rainwater tanks are available in a large range of colours to suit any environment. The Orion Australia post-assembly painting process includes cleaning, priming and double coating with colour for an extraordinary finish in your choice of colour!

Standard and Unique Sizing

In addition to our range of standard sized rainwater tanks, modern manufacturing facilities and techniques allow the construction of rainwater tanks to your exact size specifications.

Durable construction

At Orion Australia, we use Z600 grade Galvanised steel (maximum thickness protection) for our galvanized rainwater tanks. This ensures durability in the most demanding circumstances. Please note: Galvanised steel is not suitable for use within 500m of coastline.

Large Range of Fittings & Accessories

Orion Australia stock and supply a complete range of rainwater tank accessories and fittings, including fire fighting adaptors, water level indicators, rain/mains top-up control and mauch much more.

Coming soon, water tank displays in Hobart, Launceston, Scottsdale & Smithton.

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