Bloo Septic Tanks Tasmania

Orion is proud to announce our new Australian-made septic tank, BLOO. A robust, and easy to install septic tank, factory assembled to Australian Standards


Manufactured from high quality industrial grade polyethylene, BLOO Septic Tanks are able to withstand the rigours of the real world. Knocks in transport, jolts and bangs during installation, ground and water pressure after installation. BLOO Septic Tanks are made tough and built to last.


BLOO Septic Tanks are designed to minimise the amount of digging required prior to installation. By utilising a low profile design, the depth of excavation is minimised, and the hole is easier to backfill after installation.


BLOO Septic Tanks are a one-piece moulded tank, and lifting lugs are incorporated into the design to make it easy to sling the tanks using crane, excavator or other lifting machinery. 


BLOO Septic Tanks are fully designed and manufactured in Tasmania, Australia, using only high quality Australian-sourced materials. Build your reputation by using Australian-made products.


The ribbed design of the BLOO Septic Tank provides incredible strength and resistance to shape deformation. Extensive work and physical testing has ensured that BLOO Septic Tanks are built to last.


BLOO Septic Tanks are manufactured and tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS/ NZS1546.1:2008. One of the only Septic Tanks manufactured in Tasmania. 


BLOO Septic Tanks are assembled before leaving the factory in Tasmania, to minimise the amount of work required on site. Simply position the tank and connect in and out flow pipes.

1250 Ltr Underground Water Storage Tank

  • Code UHH1250
  • Height 1420mm
  • Diameter 1440mm

650 Ltr Underground Water Storage Tank

  • Code UHH650
  • Height 1020mm
  • Diameter 1440mm

4500 Ltr Septic Tank

  • Code UST4500
  • Length 3770mm
  • Width 1830mm
  • Height 1450mm

3250 Ltr Septic Tank

  • Code UTS3250
  • Outlet 1095mm invert level
  • Inlet 1175mm invert level
  • Length 2400mm
  • Width 1830mm
  • Height 1400mm
  • Bloo Septic Tank
  • Bloo Septic Tank Cut through
  • BLOO 4500L Septic Tank
  • BLOO 4500L Septic Tank
  • 1250L BLOO Septic Tank
  • 650L BLOO Septic Tank