21 October 2022

Are Jacky Bins Top-Heavy When Carting them on a Ute?

Are you wanting to purchase a Jacky Bin®, but you have a few concerns about the safety of transporting it on your Ute? Wondering if it’ll be top-heavy once it’s full and whether it’s likely to topple when you’re carting it off-road?


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We hear your concerns, and you can rest assured that you’re not the first person to ask these questions. And you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve put a lot of thought into these issues, and in this article, we’re going to talk about how to ensure that your Jacky Bin® is safe at all times, even when you’re travelling with it across uneven terrain.

Ok, let's get straight down to business…

Are Jacky Bins Top-Heavy When Carting them on a Ute?

If you want a one-word answer, we’ll say ‘possibly’. But to be realistic, it depends on:

  • What you’re carting in your Jacky Bin®
  • What type of vehicle you’re carting with
  • What type of terrain you’re travelling over
  • How full the bin is

and so on…

There’s really not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, so we’ve decided to break it down a bit further here:

What Size Jacky Bin® is suitable for Carting on a Ute?

We’re going to be dead honest and tell you that the taller, larger capacity Jacky Bins aren’t really designed for carting off-road if they’re full. A 1600L tall JACKY Bin full of product is likely to be top-heavy if you’re trying to move it around on a Ute.

So, you have two options:

1. Opt for a Low-Profile Design

Low profile designs such as the 700L Side Discharge Bin have been specifically designed for carting on a Ute – they hold a good amount of product, but their squat, slightly elongated design (1500mm long x 1190mm wide x 1130mm high) means that they’re not likely to tip or rock, even when you’re driving on rough dirt roads.

2. Don’t Fill Your Jacky Bin® to the Top

Just because your Jacky Bin® has a large holding capacity doesn’t mean that you have to fill it to the top. For example, when you dump feed into a tall 1600L Jacky Bin, ensure that the level of feed is level with or lower than the backboard of your Ute. That way, shouldn’t be top-heavy.

What Type of Vehicle are You Carting With?

The capacity of the vehicle has a lot to do with the safety of carting bins of feed in off-road situations. It’s not rocket science: if your ute has plenty of grunts and excellent suspension, the bin is likely to be a lot more stable than if you’re trying to move it around on the back of a small unit with mediocre suspension.

We recommend that you think honestly about your carting capacity when deciding what size and style of the bin to purchase.

Could My Jacky Bin® be Top-Heavy When Using a Front-End Loader?

Yes. Because of the design of a front-end loader, they’re not suitable for handling a large-capacity Jacky Bin if it’s full. If you’re using a front-end loader to maneuver one of the tall Jacky Bins when it's full, you run the risk of twisting one of your forks and the bin toppling over.

Again, we recommend using one of the low-profile bins in this situation, or simply not filling your Jacky Bin® to its full capacity.

What Situations suit tall Jacky Bins?

The tall 1600L or 2000L Jacky Bins® are very popular products, and they’ve been designed for factory and warehouse scenarios, not for carting products on the back of a ute.

A bin of this capacity is extremely heavy when full, and therefore needs to be moved using a forklift, in a situation where there is an even, solid base.

How Do I Secure the Lid of my Jacky Bin®?

If your Jacky Bin® has a lid, it’s important that this is secured firmly before you transport the bin.

Air movement around the bin may cause the lid to move, so whether your bin has a hinged or slide-on lid, it’s important that you secure it with a strap as well, to ensure that it doesn’t lift during transport. The last thing you want is the bin lid coming off and landing on the vehicle behind…!

How Can I Stop My Bin Sliding on My Ute?

We recommend using rubber matting underneath your Jacky Bin to prevent any chance of it shifting or sliding on the ute tray. That simple piece of rubber will give you confidence when moving your bin because it’ll help to protect the surface of your tray and minimize the chances of it shifting during transport.

Will My Jacky Bin® Split When it's Full?

No: they’re tough; they’re durable; they’re built for work.

Jacky Bins® are rotomolded and constructed using UV-stabilized polyethylene, which means that they won’t crack or split, even when they’re exposed to long periods of sunlight.

Mice and rats can’t chew holes in the walls. Burrowing insects can’t tunnel through the sides.

All galvanized steel bases are made from 100% Australian steel.

So yes, Jacky Bins can take a hammering! We understand the reality of life on the farm and in the warehouse and we know that storage hoppers need to be able to put up with being pushed around, knocked over and even rammed occasionally! And we’ve designed ours accordingly!

All in all, we’re not exaggerating when we say they’re one of the toughest bins around!

Want to know more about Jacky Bins? We’d love to hear from you, so flick us a question here or call us today on 1800 752 784.