18 May 2020

Jack, Jack, Jacky Bins!

We've all heard the 90's hit song Jack, Jack, Jackie by Joanna Accom, but have you heard how GREAT our Jacky bins are? If you haven't, read on for a jackin' good (and informative) time.


Jacky bins

So, what is a JACKY® bin?

Jacky bins are the ultimate storage hopper bins, ideal for storing, transporting and dispensing dry granular products. We partnered with farmers to design a range of bins to make their work easier and faster. And who doesn't love easier and faster, right?!

What can you store in a JACKY® bin?

Jacky bins are ideal storage containers for grain, pellets, urea, blended fertiliser, seed and even concrete! They are tough enough to handle (almost) any situation. The internal surface has been especially designed to have a smooth finish, which makes them ideal for complete evacuation of the bin, meaning no annoying grainy bits get stuck inside. We said they make work easier and faster didn't we?

Visit our storage capacity calculator to compare models and how much product can be stored in each Jacky Bin.

How do you get product in and out of a JACKY® bin?

We're glad you asked that! Getting products in and out of a Jacky bin is easy and fast too! The lid is fully removable via a slide on, slide off system, leaving a large opening for easy filling and cleaning. We've designed both centre and side discharger options to suit different situations, and the galvanised steel frame they sit on are high enough you can just back your ute or trailer up, open the discharge outlet and you're away!

There are a bunch of videos demonstrating the Jacky Bins functionality.

Will a JACKY® bin be tough enough for me?

Even if you're rough around the edges, the Jacky bin is sure to withstand whatever you throw at it (within reason - don't try and set it on fire!). The UV stabilised polyethylene and stainless steel combination make it long lasting and tough enough to handle any situation. They have a safe working load of 1200kg SWL, are completely forkliftable, and the galvanised steel frame make them super sturdy.

To find out more about our Jacky bins, click here, or give us a call on 1800 752 784.