19 April 2024

Linking Water Tanks – How to Link Multiple Water Tanks

Are your tanks positioned on a well-prepared base awaiting installation? If you are considering combining them for a more efficient setup, this article offers insights into various linking methods to help you achieve optimal results in your installation process.

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Simplified Linking

The most straightforward approach involves connecting two tanks with a pipe along the bottom, then routing another pipe to your pump and onward to your home or shed.

Manifold Linking

For a more versatile setup, consider utilising a manifold system. This method allows you to isolate individual tanks, which proves invaluable in cases of water contamination requiring your tank to be cleaned. When there is a series of tanks in the same installation, each tank is equipped with valve taps, with pipes extending to a manifold pipe positioned alongside the tanks. This method can be done with two or as many as ten or more tanks, allowing you to continue with an uninterrupted water supply while you drain and clean the contaminated one.

After cleaning a contaminated tank, simply open the valve tap to equalise the water level between tanks, restoring function.

An alternative method involves connecting tanks each with individual valves with a connection in between the tanks with another pipe running out the front and away leading to the pump and desired destination.

Overflow Efficiency

To optimise overflow management, we recommend having both the supply and overflow from the same tank. This setup eliminates the problems that can happen when we experience heavy rainfall when overflow is not equalising quick enough between the tanks.

At Orion Australia we’ve encountered numerous installation scenarios and can provide expert guidance tailored to your specific needs. If you have any questions regarding the best approach for installing your water tanks, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. Alternatively, check out our latest video on How to Link Water Tanks for more detail.