25 March 2021

Mouse plague ravaging Australia's Eastern Seaboard!

Australia is now facing the worst mouse plague in decades!


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Australia is now facing the worst mouse plague in decades!

Mouse population numbers boomed last month in parts of regional New South Wales and Queensland, and now large numbers are crossing the border into Victoria.

Farmers and businesses have desperately been trying to bring mice numbers down, and halt the widespread damage that they are causing.

Thousands of mice are invading homes, grain silos, barns and infesting farmers’ newly sown crops. There is grave concern that the plague will destroy this year's harvest.

Why is this happening?

Experts believe that this mouse plague is due to the unusually heavy rainfall experienced by eastern Australia last summer, after years of drought.

There is hope...

Recent rainfall, flooding and cooler temperatures in New South Wales may just be what is needed to tackle these pesky rodents!

However, many residents have actually reported seeing more mice since the rain and floods; with the wild weather driving mice inside to take cover in warm, dry households and sheds. In doing so the mice are eating farmers’ grain, product, and filling up cars and machinery at a frightening rate!

CSIRO researcher Steven Henry says it’s still unclear how recent weather condition changes will affect the mouse plague. Heavy rains will flood mice burrows potentially killing many mouse pups, but it won’t necessarily affect adult mice who can just seek drier ground.

Another line of defence…

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