30 November 2020

Orion celebrates National Agriculture Day

We donned our "I HEART farmers" T-shirts on National Agriculture Day to support Aussie farmers. #AgDayAu


Nat Ad Day

Friday the 20th November 2020 was National Agriculture Day in Australia. The day aims to celebrate and support Australian farmers - the lifeblood of our country. We often don't think about where the food on our plate comes from but the majority of it has been grown by hard working Aussie farmers.

At Orion, we love getting behind a good cause, especially for Aussie farmers. As a supplier of agricultural products we work with farmers on a daily basis and are always astounded by their hard working commitment to the land, livestock and communities in which they live and work. So, on National Ag day, we donned our "I HEART farmers" T-shirts in support of the great contribution they make to our society and economy. We scrub up alright don't we?

Here"s a few facts you might not be aware of

  • Australian farmers invest $3.3 billion-a-year in research and development
  • On behalf of Australian's, farmers care for 51% of our nationals landmass
  • More than 99% of Australia's agricultural businesses are wholly Australian owned
  • 319K people are employed in agriculture - accounting for about 2.5% of the national workforce

For more facts and information on #AgDayAU, visit the National Agriculture Day website.