18 August 2020

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

We're proud to be Australian Made and Owned at Orion!


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If you"ve been on our website lately, you may have noticed the addition of the green and gold kangaroo logo hopping around the pages, indicating all our products are certified Australian Made and Owned. According to the Australian Made website, 99% of Australians instantly recognise the Australian Made logo, and it's used by 2700 companies to sell locally and worldwide. 86% of Australians trust it as a genuine country of origin certification. The logo itself is a certification trademark, whereby any product sporting it has met a certain set of Australian manufacturing criteria. In other words, any product with the Australian Made logo is utterly authentic in its claim to be Australian Made.

2020 has been a particularly turbulent year with the rise of COVID-19, and has highlighted the importance of having access to Australian made products, and has brought about a new found appreciation for the iconic Australian Made logo.

So, what does the Australian Made & Owned logo mean to us at Orion?


We strive to provide products and services that can be repeatedly relied on. We pride ourselves on the durability and innovation of our products, and having the Australian Made & Owned accreditation from reputable third parties such as Australian Made gives our consumers that extra bit of confidence that our products are 100% authentic Australian.

Aussie Quality

We know all our products are manufactured to the highest Aussie quality, and having the Australian Made certification to back this gives that extra bit of confidence to our distributors and consumers. The recognisability of the Australian Made certification corresponds directly with the high standards we hold for manufacturing and production of our products.

Known and trusted

With 99% of Australian's instantly recognizing the Australian Made logo, and therefore associating it with quality manufacturing and production, we believe it adds to the Orion brand, making it more known and trusted.

Supporting our fellow Aussies

At Orion, we love supporting our fellow Aussie made businesses, and will endeavour to source out the Australian Made logo when purchasing products across a multitude of industries and we encourage you to do the same.

Our advice is to always support local, and buy Australian Made & Owned by looking for the iconic green and gold kangaroo!