06 November 2023

Simple Tips to Conserve Water in the Kitchen

Water is a precious resource and it’s important for us to be mindful of our usage in daily life.

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Water conservation kitchen

The kitchen is a hot spot for water consumption. So, this is an area we can all contribute to water conservation. Were you aware that a running tap can expel up to 25 litres per minute?

In this article, we will look at some practical tips we can implement in the kitchen.

Drip Drip: A dripping tap, besides being annoying can waste up to 200 litres per day. If immediate fixing isn’t an option, grab a container and collect the water and repurpose it for your plants or use it in cooking.

Mindful Rinsing: It's easy to just leave the tap running while rinsing dishes and cleaning fruits and vegetables. Test yourself and see if you can break the cycle. You'll save significant amounts of water overall.

Vegetable Water Recycling: After blanching or boiling your vegetables, let the nutrient-rich liquid cool down and you can use it on your outdoor plants or whilst still hot use it outdoors as an alternative to a chemical weed killer

Ice Block Rescue: Oops! Accidentally dropped an ice block on the floor? Don't be so quick to throw it in the sink. It has an alternative place to go. I am sure a potted plant will use it!

Second-Hand Water Usage: Don’t discard used drink bottles of water. Your plants won’t mind being watered with them. Nothing like a bit of second-hand hydration that helps both the plants and the planet.

Dishwasher Efficiency: When running your dishwasher, make the most of each cycle by fully loading it. Furthermore, when considering a new dishwasher compare water and efficiency ratings that align with your commitment to water conservation.

Every drop counts when it comes to water conservation. It requires action on our part in the implementation of conservation so by trying some of these simple tips within the kitchen, it will not only contribute to a more sustainable future but will save your back pocket.