30 June 2022

Sustainability; environmental responsibility; renewable resources…

We hear these catchcries' in the news, on TV and just about everywhere we go! And we totally agree that as responsible business owners and homeowners, it’s up to us to do what we can to look after our patch of green and minimize our environmental footprint.


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Orion Australia is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of food-grade polyethylene products. From potable water storage solutions to septic tanks, we rotomould plastic products that are designed to last. UV stabilized polyethylene doesn’t break down in the weather, and our goods are designed to take just about any treatment that’s served up!

Now we understand that unfortunately, when it comes to the waste and recycling industry, anything plastic tends to get a bad rap. But does that mean that all plastic is bad? Are there ways to reduce plastic rubbish and recycle poly products for industry and agriculture?

Let’s get one thing straight: we’re not knocking re-usable shopping bags or minimizing the harm that plastic waste can do to our environment. But the bottom line is that plastic is here to stay. It’s become an essential product in our modern lives - from margarine containers to computers and rainwater tanks, we rely on plastic products every single day.

At Orion Australia, we fully support sustainable practices and products in every industry. And that’s why we’re doing everything we can to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly, as well as user friendly. And we’re committed to doing everything we can in our industry to ensure that we don’t add to the plastic waste problem in this great land Down Under.

Does Rotomoulding Generate Much Waste?

Like every industry, rotomoulding generates a certain amount of waste, but we deal with it responsibly. Plastic offcuts and any damaged poly products are chipped on-site at Orion Australia and stored in bulk bags. The plastic chips are then sent to an Australian processing plant (they’re not shipped off-shore) where they are re-melted and prepared for use in the recycled plastic industry. 

This sort of industrial recycled plastic is not considered food grade, but it’s ideal for uses such as:

  • Pipes
  • Underground pits (such as are used in the communication industry)
  • Composite decking
  • Packaging and crates
  • Plastic fencing and bollards
  • Outdoor furniture

        Our goal is zero poly waste because we really care about our industry and our environment.

        And what about Steel Waste?

        Our product range includes a lot of steel too - steel rainwater tanks and steel frames and components that complement our industrial poly products. So, what happens to our steel waste?

        Steel offcuts are set aside and sent to recycling plants. Recycled steel can be used for nearly anything - from civil construction to new vehicles, the uses for recycled steel are endless!

        Long-term Solutions

        Our industrial storage products are long-term solutions. We don’t do cheap-and-tacky-placky! By supplying the food, transport and agricultural industries with tough and robust products, we’re helping to cut back on plastic waste - our bins and crates don’t bust up after a year or two. They’re designed to survive all the harsh treatment that the industry gives them, and they won’t perish and crack in the sun. 

        Poly rainwater tanks have become popular for a few simple reasons: no rust, no need to repaint, the colours blend into the environment and they last a lifetime! Again, it’s helping Aussies with solutions that work for them and for the environment.

        What else are we doing at Orion Australia to create a sustainable future?

        Orion Australia is a financial supporter of environmental campaigns such as the Save The Devil Campaign. As we know, the Devil’s future is heavily reliant on the efforts of many dedicated researches and wildlife pros, and this campaign provides funds to support the ongoing research and protection of these iconic little Tasmanians.

        Save The Tasmanian Devil

        Fire. Flood. Drought. Disaster

        Australia is a country that’s no stranger to fire, flood and drought. And for many folks across our country, the impacts of these events are devastating and lifechanging.

        Orion Australia is a financial supporter of Rapid Relief Team, a global charity organization that delivers hope and relief to people in need, both at home and around the world. Emergency and disaster relief, health and disability aid, youth and homelessness… we’re proud to be supporting the supporters, and creating brighter futures!

        Rapid Relief Team

        Want to know more about how Orion Australia is helping to create a better and more sustainable future? Message us right here or reach out to us today on 1800 752 784 and chat with one of our friendly staff.

        We care. We listen. And we’re doing everything we can to create a sustainable future.

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