10 July 2020

Tanks for tight spaces

When most people think of a rainwater tank, they think of a big, round monstrosity that sits above the ground like a sore thumb. They don't realise that tanks can be slick, slim, camouflage and even hidden under buildings or decks. Space is everything when you live in an urbanised area, and having a rainwater tank that takes up valuable land area is not always ideal. So, we thought it was time to spread the word about ways in which you can make a tank work for you when space is a precious commodity.

Water Tanks

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Slimline Tanks

Slimline rainwater tanks are a great option if you"re still wanting to maximise water supply and harvest rainwater, without compromising on space too much. They can slide in next to an external wall, and we even have a large range of colour options which make them more inconspicuous. You won"t even know it"s there! At Orion, we have a range of sizes and styles to suit even the tightest urban dwellings, you can check them out here.

Under house tanks

A great place to hide a tank is under your house or deck. You can still harvest rainwater from your roof, and optimize water storage without interfering with your backyard space. Obviously when your house is under construction is the ideal time to install a rainwater harvesting tank under the house, but it can be done down the track too, especially under a deck. We have a range of suitable tanks, and we tailor our recommendations based on your house or deck design.

Get crafty

Perhaps you don"t have the capacity to hide a rainwater tank under your house or deck, your only option may be to have it in your backyard or courtyard. In which case, there are many crafty ways you can either disguise or utilise the tank's space in other ways. A timber screen or frame for a climbing plant can be just the ticket for making your tank fit into the environment seamlessly.

A few things to consider

If you are seriously considering adding a rainwater tank to your space, we recommend always talking to an expert (such as us 😉) about the best option to suit your needs and lifestyle. Think about the proximity of your tank to your house, and what else surrounds the tank. For example, you don"t want the rainwater to have to travel too far, or you"ll be facing added costs in accessories and plumbing. Nor do you want it positioned under a tree that will constantly drop debris into it.

We have a wide range of rainwater tanks specifically designed to suit an array of spaces and environments, no matter how big or small. Feel free to give us a call to discuss the best water tank option for you.