18 January 2024

Water Conservation Series: In the Garden – Water Saving Tips

Australia known for its driest inhabited continent, faces the challenge of being the highest per capita consumers of water. An overwhelming portion, 40% or more, of household water usage is dedicated to outdoor activities, particularly in the garden.

In this instalment of our Water Conservation Series, we’ll look at ways we can minimise water usage outdoors. Helpful tips that don’t put restrictions on the activities we enjoy. By doing this we will be contributing to a sustainable lifestyle and making a positive difference.

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In the Garden Water Saving

Mindful Outdoor Activities

Commence your water-wise conservation by choosing a lawned area to wash your car or furry friend on. To improve on conservation, select areas that are the most dry. This will serve as a dual purpose.

Selecting Plants

Choose plants that will thrive in your climate and are suited to specific aspects of your property. Plant water-loving plants in a sheltered area away from direct sunlight and away from harsh winds. Consider incorporating Australian Natives they require minimal maintenance yet contribute to your garden aesthetics and provide food and shelter for local wildlife.

Maintaining Your home

Use a broom to sweep paths and driveways when lightly soiled. Allow the rain and sunshine to assist with the rest. For those substantial tasks requiring water, consider a high-pressure washer they use less water and a more efficient way to get the job done.

Rainwater Harvesting

Utilise small containers to collect rainwater. The harvested water can be used for various purposes, reducing the need to rely on mains water. If using on plants, another bonus is it has more nutrients than tap water!

Pool and Spa Conservation

Cover outdoor pools and spas when not in use to minimise water evaporation. A simple tip that also preserves the beauty and makes less cleaning up of debris.

Mind your Mulch

If you haven’t already applied mulch to the garden, it’s a good idea to choose some mulch before the warmer weather sets in and inspect any mulched areas of the garden to see if they need a top-up.

Lawn Watering

Reconsider watering established lawns in the warmer weather, it's okay if your lawn goes brown. They go into a dormant period, and they will revive when the wet weather returns.

Hose Usage

Ensure your hose is equipped with a nozzle that can easily turn off the water flow, this will prevent water wastage. Up to 26 litres of water could be getting wasted before you can get to the mains to turn off the tap.

Rainwater Tank Installation

Have you ever thought about installing a water tank? A compact water tank can be especially beneficial during dry periods, providing a water source for your outdoor activities and helping your plants thrive. They come in a diverse range of sizes offering flexibility to choose a capacity that suits both the available space and specific water requirements. A bonus is you don’t have to rely on the mains water supply, and especially helpful during water restrictions.

By implementing any of these water-saving tips you can help contribute to water conservation in Australia, enabling our beautiful continent to thrive despite its arid nature.