22 October 2020

We've launched a new range of AQUAPLATE® Steel tanks!

Learn why AQUAPLATE® steel rainwater tanks are so good!

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EXCITING NEWS!! We've launched a new range of AQUAPLATE® steel rainwater tanks in a large variety of colours and sizes. The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing rainwater tanks at Orion, and we can always advise you on the best option to suit your needs.

But for now, let's get up to speed on the nitty gritty of what our AQUAPLATE® steel water tanks actually are, and why they are a great choice for Tasmanian homes!

What is AQUAPLATE® steel?

AQUAPLATE® steel tanks are made from a type of steel that has a thick coating of zinc on the outside. This is then hot dipped/coated with COLORBOND® exterior colour or double-sided polymer laminate. AQUAPLATE® steel was created solely for the purpose of water storage tanks, meaning they have been tried and tested with that purpose in mind, ensuring quality and durability, and therefore offering greater longevity than traditional steel rainwater tanks.

Why are AQUAPLATE® steel tanks so good?


If you're looking for strength in a rainwater tank, then the AQUAPLATE® steel tanks are for you! Being constructed out of steel, they won't buckle or bulge under heat or pressure. Our AQUAPLATE® steel tanks have a thin poly lining, which can scratch during installation and cleaning, so that is something to be mindful of when choosing a water tank.


AQUAPLATE® steel tanks are manufactured from Australian made steel which makes them tough, durable and able to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. However, they can be dented by hammers or other tools, so extra care needs to be taken if conducting maintenance to or around the tank.

Easy to Install

Installing a rainwater tank made from AQUAPLATE® steel is easy as we supply tank accessories including a tap/valve and fit-up kit with all tanks. And if you have more bespoke requirements, we can supply non-standard fit-up and additional outlet options to suit your requirements. We also offer free delivery across Tasmania.

Colour Range

AQUAPLATE® steel tanks come in a wide range of COLORBOND® exterior colours, making them an easy match for most homes in Australia. Check out some colour options here.

Water Quality

The inner poly lining of our AQUAPLATE® steel tanks helps protect against corrosion and keeps water from being tainted. It also prevents any metallic taste which may occur in a steel tank without a lining, ensuring drinking water quality remains optimal and safe for human consumption.

AQUAPLATE® steel tanks vs Poly tanks

Both AQUAPLATE® steel tanks and poly rainwater tanks are quality products and can be adapted suit many different environments. They can both be round or slimline water tanks, and come in varying capacities. Generally though, steel tanks can be manufactured to a higher capacity than poly tanks.

It's important you do your due diligence before deciding on a tank. Think about the size, location and surrounding environment you want your tank to be in. And if you need further advice, contact our friendly team at Orion, we know a thing or two about tanks!

View our exciting new range of AQUAPLATE® rainwater steel tanks here.