18 March 2018

We've Reached New Heights!

Normally septic tanks stay underground.

Blog Bloo Septic Tanks

Bloo EDM6

A BLOO septic tank was the obvious choice for the wastewater upgrade at the CRADLE MOUNTAIN SCOUT HUT.

Apart from being fully pre-assembled and ready to use, the integral lifting points on the BLOO septic tank make transport a piece of cake! The team had no problems when placing the tank onto the side of Cradle Mountain. It was easy and hassle free for the helicopter pilot and the ground crew.

Not many septic tanks can, or need to, be lifted into a site with a helicopter, but without a doubt, BLOO septic tanks lead the way when it comes to providing a professional septic system that can be relied upon. Anywhere.

Check out these photos below of the impressive installation.