01 August 2019

What are some tricks, which we can use to save water?

At Orion, we are extremely passionate about water conservation, it's one of the most precious substances that's on this earth and far too much of it's wasted.


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This topic is always on our radar, but we thought we would share a recent experience. Last week, one of the Orion Account Managers was traveling through NSW and was shocked to see the state of a creek bed dried out and barren in comparison to a visit he made 12 months prior. See the images below to demonstrate how poor the conditions are.

You never know when you’re going to need water.

If you would like to help the drought relief effort, you can donate to, Buy a Bale of Hay - Making a difference to Australian Farming Families.

Water-saving tips that will help your pocket and the environment!

We thought it was important to share some tips and tricks to help your household limit water waste, these tips will not only help with the environmental impact but will also put money back into your pocket in the long run.

  1. Swap your showerhead to save water.

Did you know that showers on average take up 22% of total household water used? When shopping for a new showerhead, look at the star rating (WELS rating) and this will give you an indication of its water-saving rating. A WELS ranking stands for Water Efficient Labelling and Standards which helps consumers make informed decisions when making a purchase, the more stars the higher the efficiency of the appliance.

Next time you see this label, take a little more notice!

Find out more information on WELS rankings here.

2. Check your home for water leaks.

Common places to find water leaks are the laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and especially the toilet! All of these preventable little leaks can cause an immense amount of wasted water over a long period of time. On average, a leaking toilet can waste around 9,000 Litres of water a year! Call your local plumber and get your house checked over, while you’re at it, ask for recommendations to improve your homes overall water efficiency.

3. It’s so simple, use the half flush on the toilet (when you can).

It uses significantly less water with the press of a button.

4. Only press “START” when you have a full washing machine or dishwasher.

This saves water and wear and tear on the machines with less use. Did you know that by reducing your washing by 1 load a week can save up to 50 Litres of water?

When purchasing appliances, ensure that there is an eco option to run cycles through and with a good WELS ranking. There are over 22,000 registered products with a WELS ranking, which is plenty to choose from!

5. Reduce your shower time to save water.

Showers in a household take up over a quarter of all water usage in a household. Reducing shower time to under four minutes is ideal, setting your phone timer before jumping in the shower, and reminding other household members to do the same can make a big long term difference.

6. Install a rainwater tank!

Installing a rainwater tank may be the very best thing that you can do to save water and money in your household. Rainwater tanks can be connected to washing machines, laundry, and other outlets to provide a reusable option for water usage.

You can also use rain tank water to wash cars, water plants, and the garden.

Use the Orion Rainwater Calculator to determine what size tank is best for your needs.

All of the above tips for water conservation are crucial to minimising droughts and water shortages in communities who need it the most. If everyone does their part to save water, even if it’s something small we will make a big difference together!

For more information on how to save water in your community, household or workplace, you can visit TasWater , or contact someone from our friendly Orion team to inquire about a rainwater tank.