08 March 2022

Why are BLOO Septic tanks more expensive than some other brands?

You’re in the market for a new septic tank? You’ve looked at a few different designs and you’re wondering which one is going to be the best option for your property?

Bloo Septic Tanks

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What are the main differences between brands? And why are some more expensive than others?

We’re glad you’ve asked these questions, because we believe you have every right to know all the ins and outs of the different options before you shake on the deal. At Orion, we’re here to answer your questions openly and honestly, so that you know exactly what to expect from your Bloo septic tank.

Seeing as the article centres around price, let’s deal with that one first.

Factors which affect Pricing

Yes, it’s true that Bloo septic tanks are more expensive than some other brands. And here’s why:

  • The Process: Bloo tanks are a rotomoulded product, a process which takes longer and is more labour intensive than some other plastic moulding processes.
  • The Design: Bloo tanks are constructed in a single piece, rather than in separate pieces to be joined on site.
  • The Material: our tanks are manufactured using a material that is more highly processed than that used for other tanks.

So, Where’s the Value?

What is it that makes Bloo tanks stand out from the rest? Why have they become Tasmania’s top pick in many of the best plumbing stores around the state?

  • Rotomoulded Product = Superior Strength: when compared with an injection moulded product, a rotomoulded tank is tough, durable, and built to last - serve up what you will, and Bloo Septic tanks will take it all!

(If you need any further convincing on this point, check out this video where a Datsun and a Bloo Septic tank go head-to-head in a battle of strength…

  • Superior Design: the design incorporates a lot of structural ribbing which means it’s capable of withstanding the long-term engineering stresses imposed on a buried tank. Bloo have an an incredible resistance to cracking, warping and buckling under pressure. And because they’re made in a single piece, there’s no fabricated joins or seams to leak.
  • Certified Compliance: all Bloo tanks are fully compliant with AS/NZS1546.1:2008 (in layman’s terms, that means they’re designed and manufactured according to strict Australian Standards). They’re constructed using a very highly processed UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • Reliability: Bloo tanks are easy to install, reliable, and guaranteed to work. Builders and plumbers want people and products they can trust, and that’s where we make the difference.
  • CBOS Approved: Bloo tanks have been approved by CBOS, the governing body which regulates the products which can be used for septic wastewater systems in Tasmania. This means that you can rest easy, knowing that your wastewater is being treated effectively, safely and using an approved system.
  • No Baffle: the design and profile of the Bloo septic tank eliminates the need of a baffle inside the tank, and this is just another way that our tanks stand out from the pack! However, should you specifically require a baffle, one can easily be installed.
  • Weight: a poly Septic tank is a whole lot easier to move into position on site than a concrete one! Although they’re too heavy for one person to handle, they’re a lot lighter than the concrete ones.

So, What Does a Bloo Septic Tank Actually Cost?

The most common size of septic tank used in Tasmania is the 3250L, which retails for approximately $2375 including GST.

Looking for a bigger unit? Our larger Bloo tank, the 4500L, retails for approximately $4195 including GST.

Does that include freight?

Yes. The prices listed above include freight to most areas of Tasmania. And that doesn’t mean dropping it at the farm gate either - we’re committed to going the extra mile in service, even if it means bringing it across farm tracks and a helping hand to unload your tank on site.

Where Can I Purchase a Bloo Septic Tank?

The complete range of Bloo Septic tanks and accessories can be purchased through all reputable plumbing and hardware retailers in Tasmania, as well as on King Island and Flinders Island.

What else would you like to know about Bloo septic tanks? Our team is always willing to answer your questions and address your concerns. Give us a ring on 1800 752 784 or shoot us an email here, and let’s have a chat about your new septic system.