Offal Collection

Offal Collection


Over the course of many years, PROCON pallet bins have proved themselves as Australia"s leading pallet bins for the collection and transport of offal products. Rigorous and constant usage is the order of the day, and PROCON bins are manufactured from only the best quality materials to ensure satisfactory performance on the job.

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Orion responded to this challenge with alacrity and diligence – within months they had made a mould and sent us some sample skips. We subsequently made various changes to the original mould and Orion also perfected their production techniques, so that now every skip from their facility is a fine example of Tasmanian craftsmanship – the sides are very straight and the printing is permanent and clear. The skips are very robust and, other than operator damage, we have had no problems with their longevity. They are well finished and easy to clean.

S.S., Director, Offal processing plant, NSW

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