23 May 2019

How to choose between different shapes of Orion Rainwater Tanks?

One of the most common questions that we get asked by our customers are what is the difference between a round and a slimline rainwater tank (besides the obvious)! Here is your buyers guide to purchasing the perfect tank for your space. We have a wide range of rainwater tanks to suit every need. Purchasing a rainwater tank can also be a fun process, particularly when it comes to colour selection!

Water Tanks

Rainwater tank blog article may 2019

Buyers guide to rainwater tanks.

But first, what is a poly tank?

Poly Tanks - This term is used a lot, but what does it actually mean? Australia is leading the way globally in Poly Tanks. The major benefit over any other type of rainwater tank is that it doesn"t rust! They are durable, robust and can survive in the harshest of conditions. That"s why Orion Australia confidently sell products to a wide range of consumers all with unique needs.

Where will your rainwater tank be located?

This is the number one question that every buyer should ask before making any irrational decisions.

  • Some considerations may be the climate, if you live in a warm environment then ensuring the tank receives some shade is crucial to the placement of a rainwater tank to minimise bacteria growth and increase water purity.
  • Accessibility for installation, cleaning and other maintenance should not be overlooked! With the wide colour selection, shapes and sizes available for poly tanks to make it look part of the landscape, there is no need to hide tanks away in tricky locations.
  • Other questions that you should be asking before making a decision is how much rainfall your area gets, and what are you planning on using the water for. You can view our water catchment calculator to determine this:

    water catchment calculator

Still unsure of the best location for your rainwater tank? Contact the team at Orion, and we will happily assist you with your query.

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Now that you have pinpointed your location, you now can decide which shape rainwater tanks works best for your space!

Round rainwater Tanks

If you're planning on using rainwater for more than just watering the garden, for example topping up a swimming pool and washing the cars, then a round water tank will serve your household better than a slimline tank that generally has a smaller capacity. If you have a big household with lots of property, a round tank is the best option.

Round rainwater Tanks

Slimline rainwater tanks

When space is limited on the land you are installing a tank, the slimline shape is the best option for you! They not only look good, but can fit in the smallest of spaces, for example under a window. Sleek, slimline and perfect for townhouses, smaller properties and when rainwater is planned to be used minimally.

Slimline rainwater tanks

To make the process even easier, download our brochure to find out all you need to know about rainwater tanks!


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