19 February 2024

How to install a 12V Remote-Hatch Actuator Kit

Installing a 12V Remote-Hatch Actuator Kit involves multiple steps, so we have created a detailed breakdown of the installation process for you to follow.

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When purchased as a retro fit kit the assembly consists of the following components:

  • Stainless steel hatch mechanism
  • 12V linear actuator
  • Control box
  • 2 alligator Clips
  • Power connection
  • 2 remote control key fobs

Tools Required for hatch removal and installation:

  • 13mm Spanner tool or cordless (as demonstrated)
  • Circlip Pliers (if available)

Additional items that may be required for complete installation: Drill, drill bit and Tek screws Battery box 12V Battery Installation.

Step 1: Removing the Existing Hatch Plate Assembly

Loosen the bottom side guide bolts left and right as this allows the hatch to come out freely and now remove the top two bolts left and right and set aside. Lift out the old assembly.

Step 2: Preparing the New Hatch

Place the new hatch on a flat surface, locate the lower pin between the actuator and hatch plate assembly. Using pliers to carefully remove the circlip from one end of the pin, then wiggle the pin out from assembly and actuator.

Step 3: Fitting the New Hatch

Slide the new one in, essentially reversing the process of removing the old hatch.

Step 4: Securing the New Hatch

Pop the bolts back into the top and tighten up just enough to grab the plastic. Slide the pin back in and place the circlip back on, ensuring it is seated in the grove. Tighten the lower bolts and manually test the hatch to ensure free, easy movement.

Step 5: Installing the Control Box

Locate the control box and gently unravel the wiring. Make sure it is not stretched too much. Fasten it securely to the frame using Tek screws drilled into the plate.

Step 6: Placing the Battery

Position the battery within reach of the alligator clips. For secure mounting, place the battery in a battery box.

Step 7: Connecting to the Battery

Connect the red clip to the positive terminal and the black clip to negative terminal on your battery.

Step 8 Testing and Adjustment

Test the operation and adjust as needed and your life has just become a whole lot easier.