29 February 2024

Key differences in choosing a water pump

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Selecting the right water pump for your property involves thoughtful consideration of the flow and pressure required. In this article we will highlight key differences among three pumps recommended and supplied by Orion.

In the world of household pumps the saying “you get what you pay for” generally holds true. Investing in a smaller more budget friendly pump may result in lower performance within the home or struggle to power a sprinkler at a desirable output.

We conducted a practical pump and tap demonstration using three specific pumps and a six-tap configuration. This set up allowed us to assess each pumps performance with multiple taps running simultaneously.

The pumps under the microscope were:

PK002: 55l/min Approx 500 kPa

  • Adequate flow for taps one and two.

  • Pressure drops when third tap is turned on, potential to cause interrupted water supply in a multi-person household – a change in temperature and supply can happen when other use water elsewhere.

Considering the need for more flow and pressure the following pumps are preferable:

PK045: 80l/min 500 kPa

  • Reasonable flow and acceptable pressure when running four taps with some drop off.

PK060: 80l/min 500 kPa

  • Capable of running six taps simultaneously with good flow at any one time.

Pressure remains satisfactory when four taps are running, but a noticeable drop occurs when the sixth tap is turned on. So, this pump would be recommended if three or four taps were needing to be in use at any given time.

These flow and pressure outcomes are with the assumption that the pumps are near the home and the pipework is of good condition without blockages, scale build up and corrosion. Distance from the pump can impact pressure and flow. As you can see in our article, we recommend you avoid compromising on pump size. Investing more may be worth your while ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted water supply, as we could all agree we all enjoy an uninterrupted shower!

To help you make the right choice you might like to consider factors such as flow and pressure required, household size, water usage, distance to water source, pipework condition, and any plans to upgrade. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us for personalised assistance. Taking the time to evaluate these factors will result in long-term benefits, ensuring you have the water you need at the desired pressure.

For a more detailed visual please check out our video in our Learning Centre displaying how each of the three pumps compared.