18 May 2020

Need a water tank that will stand up to the
toughest conditions?

If you live in high corrosion areas like the beach, you need a water storage solution that will stand the test of time.

Water Tanks

Blog Tile 22000 litre flinders island

And one solution stands out, Orion poly rainwater tanks. While galvanised steel tanks are coated to help protect against degradation, welds, rivets and screws all create weak points which can lead to corrosion. When you're living in an extreme corrosion environment – such as the coast – paying more money for something that won't even last half as long, is just crazy. Our poly water tanks are made from UV-treated food-grade polymer so they don't corrode. Ever.

Orion tanks won't corrode near the coast or on the shoreline

When a recent client of ours needed a rainwater storage solution that would stand up to the punishment of the remote Flinders Island coastline, there was only one option – not just one Orion poly water tank, but 4x 22,000L tanks for a massive storage capacity. The tanks are now nestled in their new home – not just near the coast, but on the shoreline surrounded by seaweed!

A low-maintenance solution, for remote locations

Tasmania is full of remote locations and this spot in the iconic Bay of Fires region is no exception. This tank is hidden directly in the bushland overlooking the pure white sands and turquoise water of the Tasmanian East Coast. In out of the way places like this – where access can be an issue – a durable, low-maintenance, water storage is a must.

Orion has as wide range of water tanks to meet your needs

Orion Water Tanks come in a range of colours, so no matter if you're trying to match the colour of your house, the iconic East Coast landscape or a bleak Tasmanian sky, there's a colour to suit. Delivering to every corner of our island state, the team at Orion Australia are glad to hear from you anytime!